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Adsvision South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that provides LED display screens for all your event requirements. We also specialise in digital marketing as an advertising agency that will offer you creative, effective and objective-driven results for your company.
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Why Adsvision
Adsvision South Africa is a team of professionals who will make sure you receive the best service possible. When renting our screen, our technical team will be onsite to assist with any problems which may occur, however, Adsvision follows a strategic event management plan to make your event unforgettable

Our Services

Rent one of our indoor or outdoor LED Screens for your event
  • At any musical event or function to create a backdrop of colour and design for the performing artists
  • At a wedding or engagement party as a source to display personal photographs or information of the couple
  • At corporate functions you can use our screens as a means to advertise and display company information, videos and presentations
Rent Screens

Rent one of our Indoor or Outdoor LED Screens. Size subject to event.

MPLC Approved Drive In Movie Theatres
Keep an eye on our social media pages for upcoming movie nights in and around Cape Town.
Advertise With Us

Promote your business by advertising on our LED Screens during events, functions, drive ins and more..

About US

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 Richard Swanepoel - CEO

our integrated services

Marketing Strategies
Get your ads in front of a broad cross-section of customers, potentially generating new interest, widening your audience and increasing sales.

We also offer additional services such as photographers on site, who will make sure every moment of your event is captured for your online presence

Graphic Design & VIDEOGRAPHY
We work directly with APEX DESIGN STUDIOS (Pty) Ltd, who provide our clients eye-catching content and advertisements for display at your event, function, wedding and more..
EVENT Marketing
Promote your business or brand by advertising on our LED Screens at events, music festivals, corporate functions, bars and restaurants and many more opportunities.
Digital Marketing
Adsvision has indoor LED screens installed in the Cape Town area. We can provide the opportunity to promote your business on our digital advertising platform.
Online marketing
By advertising on our LED Screens, we automatically advertise and promote your business by writing a small review on our social media pages, creating a bigger enquiry market.

Our Projects

our Blog

There has never been a better time to make digital advertising an integral part of your company or product’s marketing strategy. Using LED screen advertising as part of your campaign provides the following benefits:

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Small businesses today have a myriad of options when it comes to advertising. While billboards are often associated with big brands and big business, they are actually a very powerful tool for small businesses. Believe it or not, roughly 7 out of 10 big screen ads promote local businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using billboard advertising as a small business owner.

For newer small businesses, one of the most important things you can gain from advertising is brand recognition. 

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Billboards make a huge impact on people. They’re big, they’re hard to miss, and they’re extremely memorable. Just how impactful? According to the OAAA, of those who have seen an ad on a big screen: 

41% are more likely to learn about the brand being advertised
70% say big screen digital ads are very, or somewhat likely, to influence a purchase

58% search the web as a direct result of seeing an ad
55% use mobile and social media to share information while viewing an ad on a digital LED screen
35% buy a product after seeing an ad

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